All-Weather Gallop



We have a new six furlong woodchip gallop. When early morning routines are jeopardised by the weather conditions, this facility means that our horses are still able to excersize whatever the elements throw at us. In addition we have a two furlong woodchip circular canter, suitable for steady long distance work.




Grass Gallop

Running alongside our woodchip gallop we also have a 5 furlong grass gallop.

Horse Walker


Our 5 horse Monarch Horse Walker has a roof and block rubber paved floor, again allowing us to excersize no matterwhat the weather. Regular use of the walker improves a horses fitness and is particularly good for horses recovering from an injury.






The huge ménage is used for many purposes. Educating young horses over poles and small obstacles before the schooling ground and also for lunging and breaking in.






Schooling Ground


015 013







 When ready from experience over poles in the ménage, the horses will come out onto the schooling grounds, where we have a variety of inviting obstacles including hurdles, fences and tyres.



In addition we  also have a set of starting stalls.  3 bay padded starting stalls







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